Rennert International, English in the USA

Rennert International, English in the USA

Why learn English in the USA

The US is the crossroads of the world, a meeting place for everyone from every culture and language.  This is the reality of English, it is spoken by many peoples… and in the US, you don’t have to go far to experience the world.

English is the language of international business.

Doing business in the future will mean speaking and negotiating in English with someone from another culture – you can start now and get practice in the US business and political hubs like New York, LA, Boston, Chicago, Miami and Washington DC.

The US has everything

From beaches, to mountains, to history and wildlife… It is an amazing place to study! The US is full of friendly, outgoing people who will want to help you find your way- also makes for great listening practice when folks chat loudly in the subways and trains!

Learn English in New York with Rennert International

“We see many language students blossom in the US” – Caroline Mc Kinnon, Rennert International


With the strong links that US institutions have with colleges around the world, there has never been a better time to strengthen your English. Anything is possible.  Entrepreneurs and creative types gravitate to the US to realize ideas and dreams- it’s contagious. We see many language students blossom in the US to find their core and to follow their aspirations as they gain energy and inspiration from the culture of the possible.

The wide range of courses that centres such as Rennert have, from exam preparation to Fashion – it’s all covered! And at Rennert, we will take excellent care of all students, inside and out of the classroom.  We treat students the way we would treat family.


Caroline Mc Kinnon is Director of Studies with Rennert International in New York.



Students have a lot of support while studying in the USA!

There are so many resources available here for international students and people are friendlier than you might expect. If a student ever gets homesick while studying here, just know that there will inevitably be a local community of fellow countrymen somewhere in NYC that they can reach out to for a little bit of home!

The USA is a unique destination for studying English abroad because of the variety of opportunities to engage with different cultures, many of which have a second home-base in here.

Students will be able to experience many different regionalisms and dialects, various cuisines, languages and religions, and explore an interconnected cultural past and present that they might not find in other English-speaking countries.


Lavya Yalamanchi is Multi-media marketing coordinator with Rennert International in New York.


Rennert International is a founding member of IALC. The school teaches English in New York and Miami.

IALC 2017 Workshop in Boston: experience the USA as a study destination, 23-26 March 2017.

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