John France, CEO of Langports English Language College

John France, CEO of Langports English Language College

Why I turned Langports into a “social business”

In 2008, I celebrated 26 years in this industry. I had been successful and over the years had been given the opportunity to contribute positively to the lives of my staff and help shape the future of many students – but still that wasn’t enough! I needed more,- I needed to feed my soul!

I started The Langports Foundation for purely selfish reasons – I wanted to contribute to society – make the world a better place, and all those other clichés!

I had done a lot of soul searching, but I was going around in circles, then I came across  Muhammad Yunus’s book – ‘Creating a World Without Poverty – Social Business and the Future of Capitalism’, which although not completely in line with what I wanted to do, or what I thought that I could do with my business of English Language Schools, it planted a seed of wanting to become a ‘Social Business’. A ‘Social Business’ is run for the benefit society not just to make money for share-holders.

Basically I realised that I could use the profits made from my business, which was providing education to the privileged,  to help provide education to those that weren’t so privileged and turn Langports into a ‘Social Business’.

So there was the Charter for my foundation – ‘To provide a better life through education to dis-advantaged children’. That was a pretty broad goal, as unfortunately, there are so many dis-advantaged children in the world. Anyway, if we could at least make a difference to one child’s life, it was worth doing. Long term it is my aim to run our own projects in Australia and overseas, but at the beginning we decided to support other projects by contributing funds directly from the Langports two schools.

As I said before, the motivation behind this was purely selfish but I thought that this may be a vehicle that would allow other ‘Langports people’ to express their philanthropic nature. I must stress that I have always had difficulty knowing how much to promote The Langports Foundation. Certainly it is not our intention to set ourselves up as being better than anybody else – it’s just what we do, who we are, how we feel! But if we didn’t let others know what we were doing, it made it almost impossible for anyone else to contribute.

As we have made others aware of The Langports Foundation, those that have asked to be part of it, have been given membership in exchange for their contributions. The two Langports schools often have fund raising events that contribute, some of our Agents contribute a % of their commission, some professionals offer their work pro-bono and individuals (staff, students and friends) make random donations.

If you visit our website you can see the different projects that we are involved with. In 2014 Langports is proud to be hosting the IALC 2014 Workshop in Brisbane (10-13 April 2014) and we will be pleased for those participating to make a contribution to our Indigenous Project with Yalari. Participants will be able to make donations on the IALC website as they register, or contribute by bidding for the Indigenous Artwork being auctioned.


John France is the CEO of Langports English Language College, located in Brisbane and Gold Coast. In 2008, John created the Langports Foundation to provide Indigenous children with educational opportunities. 


A testimonial from Angelica who has been studying at Langports Sydney for almost a year. When she arrived at Langports her level of English was very basic (level 2 / Elementary). With a lot of hard work and help from her teachers, Angelica made significant progress in English. She has been studying several courses such as IELTS, and Cambridge FCE. She is now considered as an advanced learner (level 6).

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