Philipp, Marketing Intern, Byron Bay English Language School

Philipp, Marketing Intern, Byron Bay English Language School

Volunteering and its surprising benefits

Take part in a variety of volunteer projects to make a positive impact and promote intercultural exchange. Our volunteer programs give our students the chance to meet the locals, improve their English language skills and boost their CV!

Especially English language students benefit in multiple ways from volunteering overseas.

1.       Improve your English!

Working with Australian native speakers is an excellent way to improve your English language skills in an authentic environment.

2.       Gain work experience!

Deepen your knowledge in your study field or get an insight into a totally different field of work. Both volunteer options have only advantages for you.

3.       Meet the locals!

Leave the trails of the tourists and get in touch with native Australians. As volunteering brings people with different backgrounds together you will hear a lot of interesting stories.

4.       Strengthen your community!

Support schools, families, or beautify your community by participating in environmental projects and festivals.

5.       Create a network!

Meet like-minded people and share your passion. This will help you find new friends and/ or new business partners!

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Combine fun and fulfillment!

6.       Combine fun and fulfillment!

Sailing with disabled people and volunteering at the Dolphin Centre means a lot of fun for you and for everybody involved. To share fun with others means double the fulfillment and joy for all.

7.       Improve yourself!

Volunteering contributes to your personal growth and increases your self-esteem. It’s a mind changing experience and you will appreciate much more the small, beautiful things in life that money cannot buy.

8.       Boost your CV and your soul!

According to World Volunteer Web “73% of employers would recruit a candidate with volunteering experience over one without.”
Volunteering has become a serious criterion concerning job placements.

This article was written by Philip, Marketing Intern with Byron Bay English Language School.
At BBELS, all volunteers receive a certificate upon successful completion of their volunteer program.
For more insights, also read BBELS student Bryce’s volunteer interview.

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