Kieran Hayde, Sales, Marketing and Groups Manager, Wimbledon School of English

Kieran Hayde, Sales, Marketing and Groups Manager, Wimbledon School of English

New WSE English language learning app

At the Wimbledon School of English we’ve been offering blended learning for a number of years, but until now it was mostly through our online learning platform e-Wimbledon. Our students get free access to e-Wimbledon during their course, three months before and three months after it, but need an internet connection to do the online exercises. We launched our own app to allow our them to improve their language skills on the go, even when not connected to the internet. The app is also available free to the general public and we hope lots of users around the world will download it.

The app has been translated into 10 different languages, so even people with no knowledge of English can start improving their language skills. The content so far is for elementary and intermediate levels of English, but new lessons will be unlocked every week, and the Apps Reinvented team will be generating new content all the time.

The content divides into lessons so learners can progress through it in small steps in their own time. Each lesson starts with a short video, then you answer questions about what you’ve seen. Later you can practise your pronunciation – it is great to finally see an app which makes the most of the voice recording feature on smart phones.

Our favourite feature comes at the end of every lesson and is called “Your Turn”.  You record your responses to questions and it then plays the whole recording back as a fluid conversation between two people. It really gets you talking and is something we’ve not seen before.  Your Turn was the idea of Ingrid Freebairn, one of the most experienced authors in English language learning, who created the first two courses. Ingrid wanted students to have a chance to speak in the app and Jonathan made that possible.

How is it different to other language learning apps?

The hundreds of language learning apps already available use mainly text and photos. WSE English has video-driven, interactive lessons that are just for language learners. The course on the app will change regularly – form phrases for making friends at A2/B1 level to business English or help with improving your IELTS score. More and more courses will be added.

Gamification is a big trend in digital media so we’re delighted to have such an interactive app.

We want make sure people have fun learning a new language – some of the content actually made us laugh out loud, like the game called “Beat the Clock”. To see what we’re talking about you’ll have to download it!


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Kieran Hayde is Sales, Marketing & Groups Manager with Wimbledon School of English ( Wimbledon School of English teaches English to students from overseas and last year welcomed students from over 90 countries. One of the oldest English language schools in the UK, WSE is currently ranked the top English language school in the UK from British Council inspection reports, out of over 550 accredited centres. It is also a public examination centre, offering IELTS , Cambridge, Trinity and Pearson English language examinations to students from all over London & the home counties.

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