Internship programmes at Accademia Italiana

Internship programmes at Accademia Italiana

The Internship Program more than just a language program

The Internship program we offer at Accademia Italiana is one of our most successful and popular. Mainly, students want to learn a language because they want to have more chances of getting a good job.  If  you give them the possibility of combining the language course with   work experience, you are giving them an added value and  better chances of getting  a more qualified job.

What better way to learn a language than by using it every day at work?

In recent  years, we have had an increasing request for internship programs and what is more surprising is that it  is not only interesting to  young students, as you  might think. Many professionals opt for an executive Italian course, but we also receive demand for internship courses from adults who want to start a new business in a particular field or who just want  to get more familiar  and more specialized in their job which is usually  linked to the Italian market.

Our Internship Program includes a language preparation course , which is compulsory for at least 4 weeks, and a period of unpaid  working experience in different fields: tourism, restaurants, marketing, import& export, professional offices, manufacturing, social, etc. The minimum length  is 4 weeks and the maximum is 24 weeks. We assist students in selecting the Internship company according to their curriculum vitae and their  interests. We arrange meetings with the internship coordinator to plan the work experience and we constantly monitor the internship experience together with the internship company. At the end of the program students receive a Certificate of Attendance stating their Italian language  proficiency and the acquired Internship experience.

Tips for agents: Work experience and internships abroad: managing student expectations.

Internships on offer: marketing, tourism, cooking…

We also give our students the chance to do an internship at  our school, in the marketing department or at the front desk and secretarial office, and they really appreciate being treated  as staff and learning more about the language and the work.

Accademia Italiana Internship Programme: learn Italian and gain professional skills

Accademia Italiana Internship Programme: learn Italian and gain professional skills

We mainly receive requests for internships in the tourism field : students who ask to work in hotels, travel agencies or tourist information offices. For example, at the moment,  we are hosting the Internship of a Swedish  student who is working at the local tourist office.  She is  assisting with the organization of one of the main events of our city, Salerno:  the ”Christmas light exhibition, Luci d’Artista”. We are sure that this will be a great experience for her, not only  because she is practicing Italian  but also because she has become  part of a community and this is what  really assists your learning of a language and a culture.

Another field which is popular among our students, is Italian cuisine. We regularly receive  requests from  students who already work in Italian restaurants in their own country and want to learn more about this business.  In particular the “art of making pizza” is one of the things they really need to learn in order to get better opportunities  for a  career in this field or to start their own business. And what better choice of learning it in the region where pizza was born?

A popular internship at Accademia Italiana: Italian baking

A popular internship at Accademia Italiana: Italian baking

At Accademia Italiana we are working hard to increase our collaboration  with more professional brands  in different fields because we strongly believe what makes the difference is the high quality of the partners we work with. Which  means offering  students the chance to work with professionals and to make the most of their experience.

Fabiola Tiberi is Marketing Manager for Accademia Italiana (, in Salerno, South of Italy.
The school also runs a junior summer camp in June and July, in the Elea village, at the heart of the Cilento National Park.

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