Christin, Intern, BBELS

Christin, Intern, BBELS

The benefits of shared accommodation for language students

Booking the accommodation before the student goes overseas is a great idea. We find that our students know where they are going to stay and they don’t feel the pressure to find accommodation once they arrive in Byron Bay.
There are a lot of different types of accommodation students can choose from. But one of the most popular options for our English language learners is the Student House accommodation.

Student houses are shared accommodations with a shared living area with a TV, a bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and private bedrooms, which include bed linen for the students. Additionally we offer free Wi-Fi and provide a laundry.

Student house are mostly suitable for young adults.

Our students live there with other BBELS students who are 18 years and over. They can choose different room options either a single room or a shared room with one other student (shared rooms are of the same gender).

We are also introducing a new luxury student house very close to the school. The new student house will especially suit couples that prefer having their own en-suite, or mature students looking for more luxury accommodation.

What students like about our student houses:

  • Our student houses are close to the school, the shops, the main street, pubs and of course the beaches, so they are on high demand. At the moment we provide 10 different student houses within 10 minutes bike ride to the school. Students also like to go by skateboard or can walk to school.
  • Living with other students is a good way to make friends and to meet people from other nationalities. Our students spend a lot of time together in the student houses after finishing their daily studies. Often they cook together, have a BBQ, hang out together and talk about their days. They share their interests like surfing, yoga, going to the beach and much more in Byron Bay. At the same time our students learn also a lot about new cultures, customs, and new cooking styles. There is always an amazing multicultural vibe in our houses.
  • Most importantly, living in this kind of shared accommodation is a nice way to improve their language skills. There are never two people of one nationality in the same house. We want to keep the ‘English only zone’ as effectively as possible also in the student houses.
  • It’s a convenient and safe options. Houses are well equipped. And to make their stay as pleasant as possible there is a cleaner who comes once a week to help the students keep the houses clean.  Moreover we have an accommodation manager here on our campus. So if the students have any questions or problems there is always someone our students can contact. That makes our students feel safe.

To sum up it can be said, that choosing a student house is definitely one of the best and also easiest ways to find a lovely home during the students time at BBELS, amazing friendships are made and the students in the student house become a ‘mini’ family, look after each other, helping each other and generally having a wonderful time together!

Arrive relaxed –get started immediately!

This article was written by Christin who is currently doing an internship with Byron Bay English Language School. BBELS offers students the opportunity to stay in a student house during their English language studies in Byron Bay.

Read this article in German: Die Vorteile einer Wohngemeinschaft.

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