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Students activities: sports afternoon

Students activities: sports afternoon

Activities suitable for all students

One of Phoenix Academy’s busiest Study Tour seasons has drawn to a close. The season saw over 250 young learners join the school during the June to August period. Read more

Organising successful group study tours

Study Tours are a fantastic way for young learners to experience another culture, develop language skills and most of all have a lot of fun. Here at Phoenix Academy we have been hosting Study Tour groups for over 20 years. To help the organisation process go as effortlessly as possible here is some advice about things to consider: Read more

Marie Gorman, Manager of Accommodation Services, Phoenix Academy

Marie Gorman, Manager of Accommodation Services, Phoenix Academy

Homestays, hostels or rented flats: which option suits you best?

Student accommodation is an important part of the education process of an international student. Their study experience can be greatly affected if they do not locate appropriate accommodation. Each student will have their own requirements in regards to housing. The more information the school can obtain prior to placement the easier it is to locate the appropriate housing for their students. Read more

A trainer’s perspective on teaching to corporate clients

Whether your course is English for Business or Business English I think the most important point to make is that as trainers we have to recognise and value the skills and expertise of the participants. Read more

Robynne Walsh, Principal, Phoenix English Language Academy

Robynne Walsh, Principal, Phoenix English Language Academy

What language teachers can learn from Direct Instruction teaching methods

I have been interested in the amount of discussion that is going on in Australia at the moment around the area of Direct Instruction (DI). There have been some amazing success stories in the far north of Australia where schools have been successfully improving the literacy skills of indigenous children. Comparisons are being made with the success of DI in Chicago with Hispanic children.

As I have been reading this media coverage it became apparent to me that much of the methodology that provides the foundation of DI are also the rudiments behind good ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching methodology. Read more

IALC Seminar: Studying English in Australia

Why send students to Australia? Australia is a good place to gain experience. There is a wide choice of destinations and English language courses, including Cambridge Preparation, Academic Pathway and English Plus courses such as English+Diving, English+Sailing and English+Surfing. The presentation made by Helen Cox and Robynne Walsh in Brisbane includes information on visas and work rights.

Read more

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IALC Workshop

IALC 2017 Workshop in Boston Massachusetts, USA - 23-26 March 2017

IALC 2017 Boston
Dates: 23-26 March 2017
Location: Boston, USA
Educators: IALC-accredited language schools worldwide
Hosted by: ELC Boston

ELC Boston hosts the IALC 2017 workshop

IALC Study Travel Research Report 2016

Trends in the demand for foreign languages
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IALC Study Travel Research Report 2015

Perceptions of independent and boutique chain schools in language travel
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