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Walter Denz, Owner, Liden & Denz

Walter Denz, Owner, Liden & Denz

Russian language exams: TRKI vs telc tests

The choice of exams for Russian is limited. There is an academic exam called TRKI, administered by a group of Russian state universities but this exam only makes sense for international students going for a degree programme in Russia. Liden & Denz has found a very good alternative partnering with telc language tests, offering Russian communicative exams for levels A1-B2. Read more

Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL)

You surely hear about the TOEFL and  IELTS, standardized test to assess your ability to use and understand the English language. In Russian, there is the same exam: Тест по русскому языку как иностранному, or Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL). Read more

Laura Ha, Russian language student

Laura Ha, Russian language student

Student testimonial: volunteering and learning Russian in Moscow

A testimonial from 21 year-old German student Laura Ha, who studies Russian with Liden & Denz while volunteering with Action Reconciliation.

Read more

Learning Russian in St Petersburg – a student testimonial

Today is my last day after 6 amazing months in Saint Petersburg studying Russian and working as an Intern for Liden & Denz. In that time, I have learned, grown and changed so much as a person and student in ways that I cannot even begin to measure. Read more

In which city should you study Russian?

One of the best things about studying Russian with Liden & Denz is the many options you have for your studies. However, one of the first and most important choices to make is in which city you would like to study. Read more

iTranslate: an accurate and free translator app

It has been a while since our last Russian language app review, but this week’s is one you won’t want to miss! As usual, the app is totally free on the iphone and will not only help you in Russia, but also just about anywhere you find yourself traveling to. Read more

Language app: Master Russian

I have been focusing mostly on mobile apps for Russian learning, but I know for some people, this is not an option. So, this week I’m going to review a fantastic website appropriately named Master Russian. Read more

10 Things to do in St Petersburg for under $20

1. Walk down Nevsky Prospekt

Taking a walk down any of St. Petersburg’s streets in the city center will be an awarding experience. But, if you had to just pick one, then Nevsky Prospekt is a must see. As the main street of the city, Nevsky is the location of the much of the city’s most amazing architecture and sites. If you like Art Nouveau buildings or Russian Orthodox churches, then this is the best place to see it all on one street. Read more

Language apps: Russian Dictionary +

One common problem that arises with offline dictionary applications is that often times, the number of word and phrase entries are limited and sometimes, even seemingly basic words, are not available. Well, this week’s app might be able to solve some of those problems. The app is called Russian Dictionary + by iThinkdiff and once again, works completely offline. Read more

Studying Russian on the go: the new electronic flashcard app

New technology offers an unlimited supply of learning resources. Here is an app suggested and explained by Steve Hendrickson who is currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz. Read more

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