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Stephen Shortt, Managing Director, Alpha College of English

Stephen Shortt, Managing Director, Alpha College of English

Extra curricular activities: Frederik from Venezuela

Two years ago we had a student from Venezuela, Frederik Oldenburg, who was a sports journalist who wanted to improve his English for work.

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Justin Quinn, Managing Director, CES

Justin Quinn, Managing Director, CES

Pros and cons of host family vs. residential accommodation

Looking for accommodation can be both time consuming and very stressful. But looking for accommodation in another country is one of the most difficult things a student and/or parent must do.

The type of accommodation is a very personal choice and students pick family over self-catering for various reasons and vice versa. I will outline the advantages and disadvantages of host family accommodation versus residential accommodation, which can help in decision making. Read more

Executive courses at Emerald Cultural Institute

Executive courses at Emerald Cultural Institute

Recommending the right language course for an executive client

While general English is always an essential component of all English-language programmes, the context in which the language is learnt varies according to the specialist needs and priorities of professionals who book a business programme, either on a small group or one-to-one basis. Read more

Exam preparation course, ACET, Ireland

Exam preparation course, ACET, Ireland

Study and exam tips for language students

More and more students plan to work or study using English and need to take an internationally recognised exam. Whether the students need Academic English, Business English or General English, it is important that they select the exam that best suits their individual needs and interests. Language schools play a key role in providing up-to-date information and helpful advice to students in order to ensure they choose the exam that meets their requirements and is achievable. Read more

University foundation programmes in Ireland

On successful completion of a good pathway (University Foundation Programme) programme, students should have a guaranteed progression to their chosen undergraduate programme. A good pathway (University Foundation Programme) programme should offer international students a vital bridge between the education they have already received in their home country and the requirements they must meet to study at their chosen university. Moreover, it should provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for successful undergraduate study. As well as developing their English language proficiency, students need also to develop their communication and study skills as well as their knowledge of their chosen academic subject(s).  Read more

Ireland’s highlights: a unique English study destination

With high education standards, a friendly people and a rich culture, it’s no surprise that Ireland attracted 100,000 students to learn English in accredited language schools in 2011 (Failte Ireland). IALC schools in Ireland give us some of the key reasons to study English in Ireland. Read more

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IALC 2017 Workshop in Boston Massachusetts, USA - 23-26 March 2017

IALC 2017 Boston
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