The 4 best ways to eat ice cream in Buenos Aires: sweeten up your Spanish classes

Can you learn to speak Spanish by ordering a dark, thick, chocolate ice cream? For me, the answer is a loud, “YES”!!

I’ll admit it; I have a special obsession with ice cream. Several years of trying to lose weight have left me with a severe sugar deprivation. When I moved to Buenos Aires, tempting heladerías beckoned from every street corner. With exotic flavors like dulce de leche and sambayón, I had no choice but to indulge in the sugar and enjoy.

So if you find yourself in need of a sugar fix on a hot summer day in the city of tango, take a look at my four favorite places to get ice cream in Buenos Aires.

Need a Sugar Fix? Head to Persicco
This place has TEN different types of chocolate, and a selection of the best dulce de leche in the city. Just what you need you get your spirits high! If you’re already feeling guilty about the calories, take the Subte Linea D and hop off at the Bulnes stop. You can walk for a couple of blocks to Salguero and Cabello.

Going on a Diet? Check out Jauja
If you’re into the healthy, low fat, sugar free and all that kind of stuff, Jauja is just what you’re looking for. They offer an array of Patagonian flavors with beautiful and tongue twister names such as: rosa mosqueta, limsau (flor de sauco and limón), calafate and corinto. You also get to enjoy one of the most beautiful streets in Palermo and (if you’re lucky) hear the lion waking up at the Palermo Zoo. Oh, and a quick Spanish lesson for you: jauja means paradise in Spanish.  (What a name!)

Ice cream + alcohol (could it get any better?)
It is impossible to find them online.  Could that be their secret? You must visit this hidden place on the corner of Malabia and Santa Fe, one of the most famous avenues in Buenos Aires. Order a  “sambayón” ice cream from the owners, a couple of brothers dedicated to creating the perfect ice cream just for you.

TV got you mesmerized?
Or maybe you are exhausted from conjugating verbs and pounding the pavement all day? You can always call and get a kilo of ice cream delivered from a variety of local shops. Try Freddo.

Mariela Gutiérrez is Marketing Coordinator at Bridge in Argentina.

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