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IALC are pleased to introduce you to StudyPortals’ corporate social responsibility initiative. Nina Grether, Head of Student Marketing, StudyPortals, has kindly described in detail their various programmes and the ways they are improving education for the benefit of children. Over to Nina:

StudyPortals’ mission is to make education choice transparent globally – we want to help students worldwide to find and compare the international study options.

About 3 years ago, we decided to take this even further and contribute to a cause that aligns with our first core value: Making our world a little bit better.     

K4C_Uganda_2016From the very beginnings of our organisation, we truly believe that quality (international) education can make this world a better place. It has a huge impact on how people interact with each other but also has a positive impact on each individual. For that reason we wanted to stay close to our “roots” and decided to support a project/organization in the education field.

For the past 2 years StudyPortals supported the UNICEF’s “Schools for Africa” campaign – an initiative that supports quality education in Africa. During that time we were able to fund the construction of a new primary school in Guinea – Bissau.

To be more involved, and get better insights what happens with our contributions, we are currently supporting the following organisations:

  1. Knowledge for children (KFC)

KFC supports quality education for children in rural areas of Africa. Stimulating the involvement and self-reliance of the local community by a financial co-investment concept and by working through strong partnerships with education organisations is the goal. StudyPortals currently “adopted” 2 schools in Masaka, Uganda for 3 years.

  1. The Goodfellow Foundation (GF)

A special project, initiated by StudyPortals colleague, Julie Goodfellow. The GF supports excellent female Philippine students to complete their university education. By supporting those girls, receiving a good education, the foundation also wants to give an impulse to achieve equal rights for women in Philippine society. StudyPortals is funding the university education and living costs of 2 excellent (female) students for the coming 2 years.

We believe that the selected organisations are a great match with the mission of our company: “Empowering the world to choose education.” Therefore every year a part of our profits goes the mentioned projects.

Additionally, it was our wish to involve our users and partner schools in this cause. We know that many of our website visitors – mostly international students – would love to contribute to initiatives like the ones stated above. However, being a student often means a limited budget and time to get actively involved into charity.

Therefore we thought of a way to get students involved without investing their own money:

For every new study experience left on the study experience exchange platform, StudyPortals will donate on behalf of the reviewers to Knowledge for Children. The ultimate goal is to support 2 schools for an entire year with books, teacher training, new classroom and everything else that is needed most.

Nina Grether , Head of Student Marketing

StudyPortals — Taking You Further

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