Kieran Hayde, Sales, Marketing and Groups Manager, Wimbledon School of English

Kieran Hayde, Sales, Marketing and Groups Manager, Wimbledon School of English

English and Tennis in Wimbledon

Wimbledon is famous for its annual tennis tournament. Many students who attend our language courses at Wimbledon School of English, are keen to attend the tournament or to play tennis themselves. Here are some of the questions we get asked.

Can I watch matches during Wimbledon tournament?

We don’t organise trips to the tournament. It is actually very hard to get tickets in advance but lots of our students get them on the day by joining the famous Wimbledon queue. Normally students will start queuing after classes, although some have been known to camp the night before in order to get in early. You might think that there is nothing worse than standing in a queue for an hour or more, but not at Wimbledon. The atmosphere is amazing, especially when the sun is shining.

To get inside, you have to buy a ground pass which costs between £8-15 and once you’re inside, you have two options. You can either watch the tennis on the big screen, sitting on the famous “Henman Hill” or you can buy returned tickets at a discounted price of £5 and all proceeds go to charity. If you want to watch some live tennis, our tip is to go during the first week of The Championships when there are more games being played. Try to avoid days when Andy Murray is playing because the crowds are always bigger. Even if you’re not a fan of tennis, it is still worth going into the grounds as there are so many other traditions associated with Wimbledon Tennis. Whether it’s eating strawberries and cream, having a glass of Pimms or just queuing, it is all very British!

This year, two students, Marta and Nevena from Serbia, joined the queue and were lucky to see the Wimbledon Men ‘s Single Final! They shared their experience on the WSE blog.

Marta and Nevena from Serbia at Wimbledon Men's Final

Marta and Nevena from Serbia at Wimbledon Men’s Final

Where can I play tennis if I learn English in Wimbledon?

As part of our social programme, students can play tennis for free throughout the whole year. We are members of the local tennis club which is a 5 minute walk from the school and we provide all the equipment so students do not need to bring anything from home. For those who want to improve their tennis skills, we can also arrange private or group lessons with a professional coach. Nowadays more and more students are choosing to combine language learning with some kind of activity.

Being located in Wimbledon means we get lots of tennis fans studying with us and many students choose their course dates carefully so it coincides with The Championships. A trip to the tennis museum is always at the top of their list and playing tennis in the home of such an important tournament must be a pretty special feeling. Playing a sport alongside your studies is a great way to make new friends and to make sure you keep using your English outside the classroom.

What other activities are available for students?

Tennis is definitely one of our most popular activities but our students love going to markets, galleries and museums across London. The theatre trips are popular too! Being in London we have some of the best musicals in the world and we can get really good deals for our students.

We may be biased, but we can’t think of anywhere better than Wimbledon to learn English (and play tennis)!

Kieran Hayde is Sales, Marketing and Groups Manager with IALC-accredited language school Wimbledon School of English WSE (School profile

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