Marie Gorman, Manager of Accommodation Services, Phoenix Academy

Marie Gorman, Manager of Accommodation Services, Phoenix Academy

Homestays, hostels or rented flats: which option suits you best?

Student accommodation is an important part of the education process of an international student. Their study experience can be greatly affected if they do not locate appropriate accommodation. Each student will have their own requirements in regards to housing. The more information the school can obtain prior to placement the easier it is to locate the appropriate housing for their students.

Homestays are great to help students adapt to their new environment and learn the language.

At Phoenix Academy we have found that homestay accommodation is a great way for our students to feel secure in their new environment, whilst also having the advantage of practicing their language skills every day. The students also have the advantage of learning first-hand how Australian families live their day to day lives and get a chance to be part of “their” family’s environment. We call this the acculturation process. The immersion system of living totally in the environment of that L2 language is the best way to maximise learning.

Host families are also very helpful in helping our clients to learn the practical business of day to day living. Transport, purchasing cars, taking holidays, seeking medical help, finding a part time job are just a few ways host families help with quick and accurate information.

We have found that many times the relationship between student and families can last for many years and even over many generations.

Marie Gorman helps Phoenix students select the best accommodation.

Marie Gorman helps Phoenix students select the best accommodation.

Hostel accommodation or rented apartments are more suitable for students who want independence.

There are however some students who prefer to be more independent. These students would be better suited to our on campus hostel accommodation, renting rooms or sharing a house with other students. Our hostel “Beatty Lodge” provides independence such as self-contained cooking facilities and a large laundry but staff are available to give support whenever required.

Some students are already seasoned travellers and prefer to rent apartments or houses on a long term basis and actually take on a lease of their own. We only recommend this option for long term stays of at least 9-12 months.

We are always available to discuss accommodation options with our students and help them to make a decision that is the best fit for their requirements. We often provide references to landlords or realty agencies for our students when they are seeking a rental and we even negotiate with landlords on behalf of our students if there are ever any issues regarding bond refunds.

If a student is happy with their accommodation arrangements we believe that they will be happier and more successful in their studies. It is important to any organisation to have personnel easily available on a full time basis to discuss and help with student accommodation needs.


Marie Gorman is Manager of Accommodation Services with Phoenix Academy (

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