Global Village Hawaii, English in the USA

Global Village Hawaii, English in the USA

Choosing the right type of accommodation for students in Hawaii

Global Village Hawaii strongly believes that offering a suitable accommodation aligned with each client’s needs is a major component in the student having an overall satisfying and enjoyable experience here in beautiful Hawaii.  We strive to accomplish this by ensuring that the correct accommodation is offered to the clients pre-arrival and supporting the clients with their accommodation post-arrival. 

It’s important that our clients know the types of accommodations we offer and what to expect in each of them.

To accommodate students’ various needs, Global Village Hawaii offers the following accommodation options:  homestay, residences, dormitories, and apartments.  Each of these accommodation options offer a unique experience and choosing the right accommodation depends on what each student is looking for during their stay.

Homestay is ideal for those who wish to improve their English while learning local culture and becoming part of a family.  As the majority of the host families are located an average of 60 minutes from Global Village Hawaii, it may not be a suitable option for those whose top priority is in living in an accommodation close to our school.  Finding the right host family for each student is one of the biggest challenges in homestay.  What one student may consider a perfect family may not necessarily be the case for another student.
This is why we ask for as much information as possible regarding each student’s placement requests (pets, children, distance, allergies, diet restrictions, etc.) prior to their arrival to ensure we place students in the best possible host family based on their particular needs and requests.

Residence and dormitories are options for students who are on a budget and choose proximity to Global Village Hawaii and city life as most important.  Students may choose to stay in a single or shared room in the residence or dormitories, but the common area (kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc.) will be shared among other tenants.  Two of Global Village Hawaii’s residences are exclusive to Global Village Hawaii students with on-site managers living in the residences to provide a safe and welcoming environment for our students..

Apartments are for students who value close proximity while enjoying their own private room and bathroom in an apartment located in the midst of Waikiki.  The price for apartments are the most costly of all our accommodation options, but each unit comes fully furnished with wireless internet and in close proximity to our school and Waikiki.

Regardless of their accommodation desires, Global Village Hawaii is committed to providing a safe and positive learning environment both in our accommodations and our school.

GV Hawaii’s Accommodation Department is run by Miwako Shen (Director of Accommodations) and Chris Sagliano (Accommodations Coordinator). Global Village Hawaii joined IALC in 2014 (

More information on the IALC Accommodation Code.
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Learn English in Hawaii with Global Village

Learn English in Hawaii with Global Village

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