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Kieran Hayde, Sales, Marketing and Groups Manager, Wimbledon School of English

Kieran Hayde, Sales, Marketing and Groups Manager, Wimbledon School of English

New WSE English language learning app

At the Wimbledon School of English we’ve been offering blended learning for a number of years, but until now it was mostly through our online learning platform e-Wimbledon. Our students get free access to e-Wimbledon during their course, three months before and three months after it, but need an internet connection to do the online exercises. We launched our own app to allow our them to improve their language skills on the go, even when not connected to the internet. The app is also available free to the general public and we hope lots of users around the world will download it. Read more

Stephen Shortt, Managing Director, Alpha College of English

Stephen Shortt, Managing Director, Alpha College of English

Will software integration lead to the demise of the School / Agent relationship?

Stephen Shortt, Managing Director of Alpha College of English, looks forward to an interesting debate on how technology is challenging – or facilitating – the relationship between schools and agents.

With the proliferation of third party data and information based on social media profiles and location, schools have more power than ever before to identify and target individual students around the globe. So how can agents still stay involved in the student recruitment process?

Join us at this seminar during the IALC Workshop in Leeds this week as our panel of industry software experts discuss the greatest challenges in school-agent software integration.

We’ll also explore the non-technical elements being brought to bear in the decisions taken by schools on how to market and promote their courses through their network of partners around the world, pairing local knowledge of the student and the school.

Gary Bulgin from Class by Infospeed, Sudesh Prasad from Intrinsiq, and Nicolas Miller from Edvisor will be discussing the technical elements of integrating systems so schools and agents can effectively communicate and collaborate, as well as the underlying elements that make such integration possible in an increasingly globalised industry.

The debate kicks off at 2 pm in the Marriott Hotel in Leeds on Thursday, 7 April. See you there!


Stephen Shortt, Managing Director, Alpha College of English:
Stephen has been involved in the language travel industry from a young age. Focussing mainly on marketing, international communication skills and technology, Stephen has presented many industry seminars and workshops on using social media marketing and creating audio visual marketing material for language schools. Stephen is actively involved with industry bodies such as IALC, Eaquals and MEI as well as other international marketing and business bodies.

Laura Stamps, Trainer, The London School of English

Laura Stamps, Trainer, The London School of English

7 reasons why speaking a language is the best way to learn it

Why come to a language school to learn English?  These days there are so many amazing apps, self-study materials and online courses for learning English that you may begin to ask yourself this question.  Well, in fact everything we know about learning a language suggests that the most effective learning still happens face-to-face.  This is why location-based learning is the best. Read more

Andy Johnson, Development Manager, London School of English

Andy Johnson, Development Manager, London School of English

Online or face-to-face? Learning English today

At the beginning of this month, the annual meeting of the great and good in the English-teaching profession took place at the IATEFL conference in Harrogate, Yorkshire. The London School of English was represented by five members of staff who spoke on a wide range of topics. Read more

iTranslate: an accurate and free translator app

It has been a while since our last Russian language app review, but this week’s is one you won’t want to miss! As usual, the app is totally free on the iphone and will not only help you in Russia, but also just about anywhere you find yourself traveling to. Read more

Language app: Master Russian

I have been focusing mostly on mobile apps for Russian learning, but I know for some people, this is not an option. So, this week I’m going to review a fantastic website appropriately named Master Russian. Read more

Language apps: Russian Dictionary +

One common problem that arises with offline dictionary applications is that often times, the number of word and phrase entries are limited and sometimes, even seemingly basic words, are not available. Well, this week’s app might be able to solve some of those problems. The app is called Russian Dictionary + by iThinkdiff and once again, works completely offline. Read more

Studying Russian on the go: the new electronic flashcard app

New technology offers an unlimited supply of learning resources. Here is an app suggested and explained by Steve Hendrickson who is currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz. Read more

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