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In which city should you study Russian?

One of the best things about studying Russian with Liden & Denz is the many options you have for your studies. However, one of the first and most important choices to make is in which city you would like to study. Read more

Philipp, Marketing Intern, Byron Bay English Language School

Philipp, Marketing Intern, Byron Bay English Language School

Volunteering and its surprising benefits

Take part in a variety of volunteer projects to make a positive impact and promote intercultural exchange. Our volunteer programs give our students the chance to meet the locals, improve their English language skills and boost their CV! Read more

Integrating mature students into school life

Samantha Milton, Co-director of the Sydney English Academy believes it is the integral atmosphere of mutual respect which has seen the number of  SEA’s students aged 40+  really take off over the last 2 years. Read more

10 Things to do in St Petersburg for under $20

1. Walk down Nevsky Prospekt

Taking a walk down any of St. Petersburg’s streets in the city center will be an awarding experience. But, if you had to just pick one, then Nevsky Prospekt is a must see. As the main street of the city, Nevsky is the location of the much of the city’s most amazing architecture and sites. If you like Art Nouveau buildings or Russian Orthodox churches, then this is the best place to see it all on one street. Read more

Taiwanese student learning English in Adelaide

Jessica, from Taiwan completed her English for Tertiary Study III course at SACE in June 2013 in order to enter her Master of International Hospitality programme at Le Cordon Bleu in Adelaide. Read more

Learning Russian from a German speaker’s point of view

Liden & Denz interview one of their Russian language students. Find out more about Zoran Trevisan’s reasons for going to St Petersburg to learn Russian. Zoran also explains how Russian is different from other languages he has learnt so far. Read more

How students chill at South Coast surf camp in Australia

“From Friday, 20th September to Sunday, 22nd September, students from the SEA had the opportunity to go on a surf weekend with ‘Australian Surf Tours’ in Bendalong, south of Sydney. Read more

East Timor student talks about her experience in Sydney

Since 2007, Sydney English Academy (SEA) has sponsored students from one of the world’s newest nations: East Timor.  It is SEAS’s hope that these students return to their country with a language and a cultural experience that will benefit not only themselves, but also their wider community. Read more

Bianca Obermaier, Marketing Manager, Good Hope Studies

Bianca Obermaier, Marketing Manager, Good Hope Studies

Why so many people chose Cape Town as a language travel destination

For language travellers Cape Town got more and more popular during the last couple of years. It is not only a chance to perfect one’s English language skills, it is much more. It’s the way to get to know another country as well as its culture and language. Read more

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