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Akiko Okamoto Ferris, Marketing Manager, The London School of English

Akiko Okamoto Ferris, Marketing Manager, The London School of English

Pathway programmes: understanding the UK university system is crucial

A pathway programme must achieve two aims – it must enable the student to get a place at the best university for them, and it must prepare them for their degree studies when they get there. Read more

Why should you study English at a Language school before going to University?

In an IALC language school such as WSE you have the advantage of studying English in a friendly, hard-working environment, being taught by dedicated, professional teachers. It gives you the opportunity of settling into British life, getting used to the language and customs (and the weather!) before studying in the more challenging environs of a university, having to cope with the extra demands of an undergraduate or post-graduate course. Read more

Rachel Falzon, Academic and Business Development Manager, ESE Malta

Rachel Falzon, Academic and Business Development Manager, ESE Malta

What to look out for when selling a pathway programme.

A pathway programme will prepare international students linguistically, academically and socio-culturally for successful undergraduate study abroad where English is used as the medium of instruction. The pathway programme, sometimes referred to as an International Foundation Year or a University Foundation Programme, is a fast-track alternative route to A levels for students whose first language is not English and who come from a 12-year formal education background. Read more

Planning ahead for university and choosing the right pathway program

It is important that the school staff is knowledgeable in the area of higher education and are well equipped to advise students throughout the university/college selection and application process. Read more

Shane Wilkinson, Managing Director, BBSI

Shane Wilkinson, Managing Director, BBSI

Prepare for university: foundation or pre-masters diplomas in the UK

A good foundation or pre-masters diploma needs to contain some serious specialisation. Firstly, it is essential for students to become accustomed to studying a subject in a foreign language, so that in their first week at university they do not feel overwhelmed by the difficulty of having to follow a course at native speaker level. Secondly, there needs to be a strong element of study skills, appropriate to either undergraduate or postgraduate level. Thirdly (for English-based study) there needs to be IELTS preparation throughout the course. Read more

3 things to know about German university pathways

From our experience on the GLS university placement programme there are three main features which are necessary for a successful pathway programme in Germany. Read more

Georgina Herrera Moreno, Manager of International Student Recruitment, BridgePathways

Georgina Herrera Moreno, Manager of International Student Recruitment, BridgePathways

Top tips for agents offering pathway programs in the USA

As more and more students are globally mobile and want to improve their employment prospects with a foreign degree, agencies must learn to promote this new product in a way that will ensure that both the student’s language and educational needs are best met. Here are some top-tips for agents looking to offer higher education options in the US with a pathway program component. Read more

University foundation programmes in Ireland

On successful completion of a good pathway (University Foundation Programme) programme, students should have a guaranteed progression to their chosen undergraduate programme. A good pathway (University Foundation Programme) programme should offer international students a vital bridge between the education they have already received in their home country and the requirements they must meet to study at their chosen university. Moreover, it should provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for successful undergraduate study. As well as developing their English language proficiency, students need also to develop their communication and study skills as well as their knowledge of their chosen academic subject(s).  Read more

Pathway programme in the USA

Pathway programme in the USA

5 key criteria for a good university pathway programme

A good pathway programme meets three basic objectives, says Shane Wilkinson of BBSI. It accustoms students to studying a subject in a foreign language, gives them the academic skills they need to study at undergraduate or postgraduate level, and meets specific university requirements. Here, experienced IALC school staff outline 5 key aspects of a good university pathway or foundation programme. Read more

The objectives of university preparation in the US

A good pathway program needs to guide students towards proficiency in not only academic English, but also the host country’s academic culture. In the USA, emphasis should be placed on student-centered learning, peer collaboration, and independent thought as these concepts are generally understood in the U.S. Read more

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