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Scottie is the Mascot of Glasgow School of English

Scottie, Mascot of Glasgow School of English

“The most beautiful country in the world to study English,” Scottie says

It’s summer in Scotland.  This means we’ve had some very nice weather, with warm, sunny days – ideal for a BBQ.  It really is one of the most beautiful countries in the world*, as you can see from the photograph of Loch Lomond below.  Read more

Work experience and internships abroad: managing student expectations

Advising students on work experience and internships abroad is a complex process. Managing student expectations is the key to ensuring they have a positive and happy experience. Read more

Off the beaten track: 5 things for students to do in Rio

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most exciting cities in the world, and no year has been more hotly anticipated in the city than the year that the great football nation will host the FIFA World Cup that has just started now in Brazil.  However, whether you’re a lover or a loather of “the beautiful game”, there are many things aside from football to keep you occupied in the city dubbed the “cidade maravilhosa” (or the wonderful city).  Here I’ve compiled a brief top-five list of things to do in Rio while you’re here!

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Ireland’s highlights: a unique English study destination

With high education standards, a friendly people and a rich culture, it’s no surprise that Ireland attracted 100,000 students to learn English in accredited language schools in 2011 (Failte Ireland). IALC schools in Ireland give us some of the key reasons to study English in Ireland. Read more

IALC Seminar: Studying English in Australia

Why send students to Australia? Australia is a good place to gain experience. There is a wide choice of destinations and English language courses, including Cambridge Preparation, Academic Pathway and English Plus courses such as English+Diving, English+Sailing and English+Surfing. The presentation made by Helen Cox and Robynne Walsh in Brisbane includes information on visas and work rights.

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10 Things to do in St Petersburg for under $20

1. Walk down Nevsky Prospekt

Taking a walk down any of St. Petersburg’s streets in the city center will be an awarding experience. But, if you had to just pick one, then Nevsky Prospekt is a must see. As the main street of the city, Nevsky is the location of the much of the city’s most amazing architecture and sites. If you like Art Nouveau buildings or Russian Orthodox churches, then this is the best place to see it all on one street. Read more

The best way to practice Spanish in Santiago

Let’s face it. It’s not so easy to get an opportunity to practice your Spanish with real Chileans. Here are a few tips to make sure you do not go hungry Read more

Elizabeth Kruger, Marketing, Genki Japanese & Culture School

Elizabeth Kruger, Marketing, Genki Japanese & Culture School

Undiscovered study destinations, the example of Fukuoka in Japan

Students tend to favour big or well known cities, but there is something to be said in favour of less prominent destinations. Take the example of Japan. Everyone knows the futuristic, bustling hub of technology and innovation that is Tokyo, but few people are aware of idyllic Fukuoka, although it is a wonderful place to learn Japanese.

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Eleri Maitland, Director, French in Normandy

Eleri Maitland, Director, French in Normandy

What to pack (and expect!) when you study abroad in France?

Here are a few recommendations I make to my students before they jump on the plane or on the train.. Read more

The 4 best ways to eat ice cream in Buenos Aires: sweeten up your Spanish classes

Can you learn to speak Spanish by ordering a dark, thick, chocolate ice cream? For me, the answer is a loud, “YES”!!

I’ll admit it; I have a special obsession with ice cream. Several years of trying to lose weight have left me with a severe sugar deprivation. When I moved to Buenos Aires, tempting heladerías beckoned from every street corner. With exotic flavors like dulce de leche and sambayón, I had no choice but to indulge in the sugar and enjoy. Read more

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