Students activities: sports afternoon

Students activities: sports afternoon

Activities suitable for all students

One of Phoenix Academy’s busiest Study Tour seasons has drawn to a close. The season saw over 250 young learners join the school during the June to August period.

Offering activities be suitable for a variety of nationalities and cultures

Students come from all over the world, either as individuals enrolled in our High School Holiday Program or as a part of a Group Study Tour from places such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, The U.A.E, China and Japan.

Study tour

Study tour: graduation and farewell party

At Phoenix, both the individual High School Holiday Program and the Group Study Tours take part in English classes in the morning with activities in the afternoons and on weekends, whilst living with our caring Australian Homestay families. Each programs activities are selected by the group organiser from a range of choices provided by Phoenix including archery, rock climbing, seeing native Australian wildlife, University tours and sports afternoons.

Sports afternoon

Sports afternoon: archery

A few popular student activities at Phoenix Academy

  • Aboriginal Culture – Learn to Play the Didgeridoo and Throw a Boomerang Learn about the history and culture of the didgeridoo. Have a lesson and learn how to play this amazing instrument. After learning to play the Didgeridoo learn how to throw a Boomerang! It might come back to you!
  • Graduation and Farewell Party – Students are presented with a Graduation Certificate and Report at a Graduation Ceremony. Afterwards students have a farewell party including a pizza lunch
  • Great Escape Water Playground – Enjoy the afternoon at Hillarys Great Escape. Play mini golf, ride the water slides or bounce on the trampolines!
  • Caversham Wildlife Park – Caversham Wildlife Park is home to an array of Australian native animals. Here’s your chance to feed the Red Kangaroo, hold a Wombat and touch the Koalas. See the Farm Show and learn how to shear a sheep, make billy tea and crack a whip!
  • Harbour Town Shopping Centre – Visit one of Perth’s most popular shopping centres with popular direct outlets and specialty stores. Pick up your last minute gifts for the family
  • Ice Skating – Enjoy the afternoon skating on Perth’s best rink. Tour includes skate hire. Make sure you bring some socks with you to Perth
  • Indoor Rock Climbing – Rock climbing is a safe and exciting way for students to try something different, Test your climbing and flexibility skills with this adventure activity.
  • Kings Park Tour Visit the symbol of Perth – Kings Park, situated on Mount Eliza and enjoy the beautiful view of the city and Swan River while walking among the treetops on the treetop swinging bridge in the State’s famous Botanical Garden.
  • Laser Games – Each player is equipped with their own Laser gun, and must destroy their enemies and their base! FIRE AWAY!!! This is a fun activity.
  • Museum and Art Gallery – Located in the historic Northbridge Cultural Precinct here you will learn about Western Australian history and see famous Australian paintings at the Art Gallery.
  • University Visit and Campus Tour – Visit one of Perth’s five universities , take a campus tour and explore the life of an International university student.
Study tours: visit to Murdoch University

Study tours: visit to Murdoch University

Both the High School Holiday Program and Group Study Tours provide a comprehensive 24/7 Australian experience for international teenagers with Homestay Accommodation, airport transfers, exciting activities, SIM Cards, pre-loaded Public Transport cards and very beneficial and fun English tuition.

Kane Gatty is Marketing Coordinator  with Phoenix Academy ( For more information on either program please contact Kane (


Birthday celebration at Phoenix Academy

Birthday celebration at Phoenix Academy

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