Executive training, Rennert International

Executive training, Rennert International

3 advantages of Executive courses for business professionals

What is the best English course option for a highly motivated business professional? Executive courses are a top choice for busy professionals who already have a good knowledge of the English language but still need to build their confidence and competence in English in the workplace. Executive courses are beneficial for three main reasons: the classroom dynamics, the business curriculum, and the networking opportunities.

Classroom Dynamics:

Executive courses have a class size that is usually smaller than other General English Programs. Our program guarantees a maximum of 5 students per class. This small number of students ensures that high-level executives have ample time to speak with their classmates and get feedback from their instructors in and out of class. Instructors are industry-professionals who have the skill and passion for teaching international students who are eager to improve their English in a business setting. Most of our instructors have over 10-15 years in their respective industries and are also avid followers of the latest business news and trends. Our instructors help to create an engaging and inviting classroom environment in which the students feel comfortable asking questions and sharing their experiences. Our professional clients also enjoy complimentary coffee or tea in the classroom.

Business Curriculum:

Executive courses have a business curriculum that focuses on topics for the workplace, such as team building, customer relations and management styles. The clients complete authentic activities such as case studies and presentations that are pertinent to their jobs. In our executive program, students learn business-based vocabulary and expressions so that they can communicate more effectively in real-life situations like company meetings and conference calls with people from different cultures. Students can expect to receive a high level of language correction and encouragement as they build confidence to help them advance in their careers.

Within our Executive Program, we also offer “English for Specific Purposes” courses, which are week-long specialized classes in Finance, Sales and Marketing, and Law. These classes are taught by instructors who are experts in the field and use a tailor-made curriculum to instruct students on the current terminology and trends in the respective industry.

Networking Opportunities:

Executive courses provide many networking opportunities for business professionals within the program. Since students in the executive program are all mature, serious-minded professionals with many years of job experience, the program allows students to build relationships with each other and offer feedback, expertise or simply a different or fresh point of view. Our program promotes networking through a catered lunch on Mondays and a ‘Wine and Cheese Mixer’ on Thursdays in our executive lounge. These social events encourage students to meet and engage in conversations which help to improve their overall English and knowledge of the business world.

Michele Holmes is Manager of Professional English Programs with Rennert International (school profile | www.rennert.com)

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